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After the success of its first edition last year, Vicks ‘Touch Of Care’ — an awareness campaign about adoption — is back with the inspiring story of Nisha, who was abandoned by her biological parents when she was just two weeks old. Nisha has ichthyosis, a rare genetic skin condition. “We don’t long for sympathy. All we want is a sense of belonging,” she said.

“If every child gives birth to a mother, I was given birth six times,” chuckled Aloma, who along with her husband David Lobo, adopted Nisha. According to Aloma, Nisha changed her life the moment she took Nisha in her arms. Nisha is aware of her condition but she wasn’t easily accepted by people around her. Aloma recalled a particular incident that happened in San Francisco, when a passenger refused to board the flight after knowing about Nisha. Like any mother, Aloma was reduced to tears. However, it was Nisha who consoled her. “From the very first day, Nisha had accepted her condition,” said Aloma, adding that the airport officials eventually offered to fly them business class.

Vicks — One In A Million, a short film chronicles the journey of Nisha and her mother Aloma, in an attempt to spread the idea that ‘every child deserves the touch of care’.

The second edition was launched by actors Soha Ali Khan, Shriya Saran and cricketer Gautam Gambhir in Mumbai. However, the launch was virtually screened across Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Lucknow. Transgender activist Gauri Sawant, whose real-life story featured in the first edition, was one among the many guests at the event. Gauri was visibly moved after watching Nisha’s story and stated that Nisha would receive the same amount of love and support that was given to her.

The first season, which showed a heartwarming story of a young girl being raised by a transgender (Gauri), became a huge hit on YouTube. Speaking about the impact of the campaign, Gauri Sawant said, “I was standing outside your homes. Now, I’m sitting next to people like Soha Ali Khan.”

Gauri Sawant said she firmly believes that the word ‘care’ isn’t gender-specific and said that anybody can be a mother. Following the first edition, a lot of sex workers had approached Gauri to help them rescue their children.

She narrated a rather disturbing incident at a brothel in Mumbai, where one of the sex workers secretly protected her children by hiding them behind the toilet. According to a report by UNICEF, there are over 2.9 lakh orphans in India; of which only 42 children with disabilities found a home last year.

Gauri said she hopes that the campaign will bring about a change in society. The guests, Soha Ali Khan, Shriya Saran and Gautam Gambhir, unanimously agreed that Nisha, Aloma and Gauri Sawant are heroes.

Vicks — One In A Million short film is available on YouTube.

The first season, which showed a heartwarming story of a young girl being raised by a transgender (Gauri), became a huge hit on YouTube

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