What the '85 Bears look like now

What the '85 Bears look like now Getty Images

For those unaware, the 1985 Chicago Bears are widely considered to be among the best, if not the best, football teams ever fielded. With an offensive attack led by quarterback Jim McMahon and running back Walter Payton (perhaps the greatest to ever play his position) and an absolutely stifling defense masterminded by legendary defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan, the Bears ran roughshod over the league that year with a 15-1 regular season record. Their only loss: to a Dan Marino-led Miami Dolphins squad not keen on having their undefeated legacy tarnished by a bunch of cocky, Super Bowl Shufflin' lunkheads. Marino showed the league how to beat the ferocious Bears defense (short passes, and lots of them), but 1985 belonged to the Bears. They became the first and only team to post back-to-back playoff shutouts, and they did it en route to a 46-10 destruction of the hapless New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX.

It was a team that had it all: the sublime greatness of Payton (who unfortunately died in 1999), a decent QB who suddenly decided to start playing like a Hall of Famer at exactly the right time, and one of the greatest linebacking corps of all time running a defensive scheme nobody could figure out. It also boasted its fair share of extremely colorful characters, many of whom are still around and being colorful today. Here's what the '85 Bears look like now, and what they've been up to lately.

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